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Craig, Dave and Rich - IQ Family Members for 10 Years!

Craig, Dave and Rich - IQ Family Members for 10 Years!

Three of our IQ family members are celebrating their 10 years service with us at The IQ Digital House...

This year we congratulate and thank Craig, Dave and Rich for their 10 years service with us here at The IQ Digital House.

Craig Baverstock

Production Director

Craig ensures the smooth operations within production daily. He understands the needs of our clients and makes sure that the job at hand is done smoothly and professionally, without compromise. Craig is a crucial and well respected member of his team. You'll often find Craig in his flip flops, singing his heart out, but when the pressure's on, you can rely on him to get the job done. 


Dave Eames

Logistics Manager

Without Dave the efficiency of our logistics division simply wouldn't be what it is today - he effortlessly manages the work coming in and out of the workshop, making certain that all of our products are perfectly wrapped and ready for delivery to our clients, which is paramount to the quality of our print and our service that we are known for.


Richard Hammond

Production & Workshop Operations Supervisor

Where you'll find Rich day to day depends on the job at hand - sometimes he'll be in the office getting files ready for print and other times he'll be in the workshop getting the job done with the production team. Having started his career with The IQ Digital House at such a young age we've seen Rich mature and flourish in his job role; production for Rich has now become second nature!


We appreciate and acknowledge all of our IQ family for the incredible amount of work they do everyday, but today we owe a special thank you to Craig, Dave and Rich for their outstanding dedication to The IQ Digital House. It simply wouldn't be the same without you...