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Introducing iQ Clad

Introducing iQ Clad

Exhibitions are all about making a meaningful impact - iQ Clad can offer you a seamless graphic solution for your shell scheme...

Exhibitions are all about making a meaningful impact! How do you stand out from the crowd? We combine your message with our products to create fantastic looking exhibition stands.


Introducing iQ Clad – a brand new way of delivering seamless graphics to shell schemes.

iQ Clad seamless graphics for shell scheme exhibitions stands

Why iQ Clad?

  • No tools required
  • Installed in minutes
  • Easy to store and stransport
  • Adjustable to different stand sizes

Shell schemes although convenient and cost effective are not always very inspiring, we’ve designed a way to produce graphics that snap onto the shell scheme itself - making them easy to install and looking great at any exhibition.


iQ Clad is a printed rollable correx material, making it perfectly compact for storing and travelling. Your graphics can be rolled up without worry of damage, stored, transported and then unrolled on site!

rollable correx graphics with iQ Clad

The simple click in system fixes to the front of the shell scheme frame itself, it’s incredibly easy for anyone to install with no tools required.  However to make it even easier we can install it for you, so you can simply turn up to your, stand ready to go!

iQ Clad click system 1iQ Clad click system 2

The seamless look of the printed graphics gives your stand a greater presence and increases its impact on your audience. iQ Clad is a great way of making the most of your message and your time at the exhibition, whilst still using a simple shell scheme framework.


iQ Clad is as diverse as you need it to be, simply add and take away panels at your leisure or create fantastic panoramic graphics without obstruction. It’s incredibly robust structure means that your graphics will stay as crisp as the day they were printed – perfect for those attending multiple shows with different stand sizes!

iQ Clad shell scheme graphics

Find out more about how iQ Clad can help you and your business today from Paul, our Large Format Sales & Operations Manager!