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Brand asset management tool built with scalability in mind


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KFC, a subsidiary of YUM! Brands is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain and is one of the most loved and fastest growing retailers in the world today. KFC boasts nearly 14,200 restaurants in over 115 countries with approximately 900 of these restaurants based within the UK & Ireland.


Since 2005, The IQ Digital House has successfully produced on demand training documentation for all new staff employed within KFC UK&I restaurants. Due to rapid restaurant growth, more and more staff are being recruited within restaurants, therefore more and more training documentation is required. With KFC UK&I’s successful strategy to increase turnover by creating more restaurants, The IQ Digital House identified back in 2009 that KFC UK&I had a business challenge.


Due to rapid restaurant growth, the restaurant ordering process and the increase in the regularity of materials required, was engaging some departments at RSC (Restaurant Support Centre) excessively, causing bottlenecks, problems and delays.


The IQ Digital House approached KFC UK&I and proposed a solution, a brand asset management solution that would be built with scalability in mind. The solution proposed would guarantee value for money. The brand asset management solution would ensure that irrespective of KFC UK&I restaurant growth in the coming years, no more problems within affected departments would be experienced again, where the restaurant ordering of training documentation was concerned. The brand asset management tool installation simply enabled restaurants to order online, bypassing departments within RSC and sending their print requests directly to the print devices at The IQ Digital House.


The brand asset management tool efficiency ensured that previously high levels of obsolete print being ordered would be a thing of the past and also allowed alternative departments within RSC, such as finance, to gain access to valuable reporting information making life easier. The implementation of a flexible brand asset management tool by The IQ Digital House has proven to be invaluable to KFC UK&I and has given them a massive return on investment year upon year.

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Solutions driven and implemented by The IQ Digital House since 2006 have been of huge benefit to our UK operation, streamlining us massively.

Education Manager | KFC UK&I